Major Arcana : Le concert en vidéo grâce à Arte Concerts

Major Arcana c’est le concert mis en scène par Fortifem et pour lequel sont prévues de jolies collaborations de : Nostromo et Dehn Sora, Regarde Les Hommes Tomber et Hangman’s Chair, Perturbator et Alcest.

C’est malheureusement complet mais vous pourrez voir ça en direct ce mercredi 25 septembre à 21h15 grâce à Arte Concerts.

Pour le déroulé du concert, il a été donné sur les réseaux sociaux par les maîtres de cérémonie :

Premier acte : La Mort

« Here is the Arcana paying hommage to our friend and highly-esteemed creative, artist and musician Dehn Sora.
During their common opening set, his music will embrace and strangle Nostromo‘s madness though shadows, whispers and bleakness. »

« Now unrevealing Nostromo’s arcana, the Fool. It’s an absolute honor for us to have these Genevan insane veterans involved and collaborating with Dehn Sora for this unique night. Prepare for utter aggression. »

Deuxième acte : Le Diable

« The Hanged man is Hangman’s Chair’s arcana for this show.
They always has been for us one of France’s best-kept secret, and one of its Greatest bands. We’re thrilled to count on their presence and surburban delusions.

As a second Act, their crushing melancholy will collide with REGARDE LES HOMMES TOMBER blazing call for destruction. »

« The Tower arcana was an evidence for REGARDE LES HOMMES TOMBER. This whole ongoing adventure of working with them is one of the most precious thing we have, as Førtifem. Thanks for being involved here.

In the second Act, they will revisit their discography alongside Hangman’s Chair, as a 9 musicians juggernaut pummeling the Trianon stage. »


Troisième acte : La Roue de la fortune

« Perturbator is the Bateleur, or the Magician. Even through dark days, he shines by his creativity, willpower and proficiency.
In the third and last act, Perturbator and Alcest will rise together towards uncanny heights, between Industrial coldness and Ethereal beauty. »

« The last act to introduce is our precious friends of Alcest, shining as the Star arcana, symbol of imagination and spirituality.
For the last set of this unique night, they will associate their oniric Blackgaze to Perturbator’s post-industrial soundscapes, and unleash their Spiritual Instinct. »

Et puis :

« Introducing a surprise artist!
Verset Zero bears the Chariot arcana as he will violently conduct the show, with three sets, one as a introduction, and two intersets between the three acts.
His music ranges from cold ambient Industrial to shrieking Noise, fueled by Black Metal influences.

It’s a pleasure to count you in. »