La situation dégénère clairement en Amérique du Nord dernièrement. La pression psychologique est à son comble, à croire qu’ils se torchent avec les Droits de l’Homme aussi au Canada. Ainsi apprend-t-on que la police de Kensington a menacé les conducteurs ivres de se faire ramener en prison en écoutant du Nickelback, preuve à l’appui d’une copie de l’album (encore emballé) “Silver Side Up” en la possession des forces de police. C’est dire si les mecs plaisantent pas MAIS LA DIGNITÉ HUMAINE, ELLE EST OÙ BORDEL ?!

Kensington Police Drinking and Driving Gift. Christmas Bonus Edition

So, the Holiday Season is upon us and that means more social events, staff parties and alcohol based libations. Now, Because of that fact, it logically means more people need to plan their nights driving duties. To save any problems at the end of the night, know ahead of time who is the Designated Driver. Write down the number to a cab company or plan to stay over at friends. Anything and everything you can do to eliminate the chances of drinking and driving.

Now, with that being said, know that the Kensington Police Service will be out for the remainder of year looking for those dumb enough to feel they can drink and drive. And when we catch you, and we will catch you, on top of a hefty fine, a criminal charge and a years driving suspension we will also provide you with a bonus gift of playing the offices copy of Nickelback in the cruiser on the way to jail.

Now, now, no need to thank us, we figure if you are foolish enough to get behind the wheel after drinking then a little Chad Kroeger and the boys is the perfect gift for you.

So please, lets not ruin a perfectly good unopened copy of Nickelback. You don’t drink and drive and we won’t make you listen to it.

Happy Saturday Everyone!!