Triggerfinger : Ruben Block en solo !

Et oui, dans le trio Triggerfinger, il n’est pas question uniquement de jouer Riri, Fifi et Loulou, il est aussi question d’échappatoire ! Ainsi Ruben Block, leader trèèèès charismatique du groupe belge s’est lancé dans un projet solo et un premier single « Lights ».

« The opportunity to write and record music outside of the safe habitat of the band had been wandering around my mind for some time. Late 2017 an idea was suggested to take a little break with Triggerfinger after the summer of 2019 and let everyone broaden their creative playground beyond our trusted melting pot.
Working with Mitchell Froom on Triggerfinger’s fifth album “Colossus” was a blast. Considering Froom already produced a series of albums that left a significant mark on yours truly as a developing musician, I was thrilled to start talk about a new collaboration for a solo project.
On April 2018 I left on my first trip to Los Angeles to spend 10 days with Mitchell writing, recording, erasing, throwing around ideas, enjoy Mexican dinners.. After that we would meet about twice a year, in between other productions and tours to continue our operation.
“Lights” is the first song emerging from that alliance.
RB »

Source : Facebook