Trip to France : la compilation de stoner français par Weedian

Après l’Argentine, la Norvège, la Pologne, l’Italie, l’Allemagne, la Suède et l’Angleterre, le regard hagard de la page Weedian se porte enfin sur la France pour mettre un peu de lumière sur notre scène stoner locale.

On y retrouve bien évidemment du Mard Red Sky, une track de l’album de Wormsand sorti cette année, mais aussi des valeurs sures comme les patrons du chouchen doom Huata, les instrumento-montpellierains ÖfÖ Am les turbo-poitevins The Necromancers et les cosmo-toulousains Slift.


French rock is like English wine » said John Lennon about the french rock scene. If the saying was true in the 60-70, it around the 80’s that rock made a breakthrough in France. And it is the same about the French stoner rock scene : it grows more and more intense for a couple of years already. It is highly probable that such names as « Mars Red Sky » or « Glowsun »mean something to you, and it is normal as they are the pioneer of the genre in the country. And the next generation is already here, on the artists side of course but on the associations and all the men and women that want only one thing : share and help to spread our beloved stoner sound. This playlist of the french scene will lead you into a space travel trough the galaxy and beyond ! Enjoy ! – Florian Kaleidyscope (La Planète du Stoner Rock)