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Le légendaire Rick Rubin a assisté aux repet’ des Red Hot nouvelle ancienne version et il a été frappé émotionnellement  !

“Frusciante’s back in the band and it’s unbelievable, I [was invited to] the first rehearsal after John rejoined the band and it made me cry. It was so thrilling to see that group of people back together because they made such great music for so long together and it really hit me in an emotional way.”

Apparemment l’alchimie est de retour et le producteur annonce le gout et la couleur :

« There are some flavors on the new album and when it happens it’s like, ‘Oh my god – nobody sounds like that. It’s so quintessentially Chili Peppers.”

“I think if you like Stadium Arcadium, you might like this.