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Ils étaient bien silencieux mais les Death From Above surprennent leur monde en sortant un single, “One + One” et un album “Is 4 lovers” prévu le 26 Mars prochain. Et ils ont décidé de remettre le 1979 à la fin de leur nom donc merci de les appeler, de nouveau Death From Above 1979.

Le single se veut une suite du titre “Romantic Rights” qui était sur l’album de 2004, “You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine” et marqué du sceau de la grossesse de Mme Grainger :

“My wife, Eva, became pregnant not long after we started working on the song, and after hearing an early version she said, ‘I wish this song was dancier.’ So I went back into the studio and re-worked the drums. As the record was taking shape, every time I would come home from the studio, the baby would start dancing in Eva’s belly. Even before I walked in the room, the party would start. One plus one is three — that’s magic ! Since we started playing, people would come up to the stage and after and say, ‘I can’t believe there’s just two of you. The video for ‘One + One’ is Eva’s way of showing that our band is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s Death From Above 1979 in multitudes.”

Is 4 Lovers Tracklist:
01. Modern Guy
02. One + One
03. Free Animal
04. N.Y.C. Power Elite Part I
05. N.Y.C. Power Elite Part II
06. Totally Wiped Out
07. Glass Homes
08. Love Letter
09. Mean Streets
10. No War

Source : Consequence Of Sound