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Oui, fin 2020, Stephen Carpenter nous expliquait gentiment que nous étions bien crédules de penser que la Terre était ronde alors qu’elle est plate. #JESACHONS

Génial, Steph a de nouveau été invité à en parler sur le podcast de  Jamey Jasta, frontman de Hatebreed. Vous la sentez venir la régalade ?

“We’re all blind believers in the fact that we live on a globe […] Your instincts and your feelings don’t ever tell you that you live on, on a spinning flying, spaceball. That’s not what you feel. You know, if you were walking on a treadmill right now at a half mile per hour, and I unplugged it, you would feel that. But somehow you can spin around at 1000 miles per hour… 600,000 miles per hour and more, and you can’t feel any of that? I mean, at some point… What I had discovered when I went through this whole trying to prove what was and what wasn’t; I’m only discovering information that I was unaware of before on that path.”

Donc n’oubliez pas que si la planète ne tourne pas, c’est comme si vous étiez sur un tapis de marche que l’on arrêtait. Vous l’avez senti ? Alors, pas de raison que vous ne sentiez pas la Terre tourner.

Les missions sur Mars ? Sérieusement ?

“There is no such thing as space. The only thing that has been launched into space, ever, is all of humanity’s imagination.”

Oui mais les photos et vidéos des rovers envoyés là-bas alors ?

“It’s all a great show. We’re being given a great show and that’s all I can say.”

Bon. Je vois que Monsieur est sceptique, il explique même que lui, il a vu que la planète était plate. Contrairement à Jasta qui expliquait, lui, avoir constaté la courbure de l’horizon en avion. Pas grave, pas grave… Mais du coup, est-ce que l’on connait si bien notre univers ?

“That’s actually been a great comfort to me since I’ve had this awareness. I can not dismiss what we all define as an alien being. But what I can dismiss is that that alien being did not come from some far off galaxy or distant planet—that ain’t fucking happening.

There could very well be places in this realm that we all exist in, that we’re unaware of, because we already were told we all live on a spinning, flying spaceball. So that part’s not real. So how much land exists that you have no idea about? How many species exist are out there that you have no idea about?”

HA ! C’est vrai ça ? Va savoir ce qu’il reste à explorer sur cette planète plate que l’on connait si mal. Va savoir si les aliens sont pas déjà parmi nous. Et le 11 Septembre alors ? Même niveau que les aliens, duuuuuude !

“I pay no mind to any of this UFO footage. The end of the line for all of this reality is when we get that fake alien invasion. E.T. coming to get ya.” When Jasta counterpointed with footage of a ‘tic tac’ shaped vessel coming out of the water, Carpenter replied: “There’s footage of a plane hitting the World Trade Center too.”

Les armes nucléaires ?

“What I think, my opinion about them that I don’t believe that they exist and that’s based on all the videos that I’ve seen in regards to that subject. And I want to first of all say thank you YouTube, you’re the one that’s given me all this great information.”

Bon bah, c’était une belle semaine de fatigue dites donc !

Source : THEPRP