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The Distillers étant à nouveaux actifs, le groupe de Brody Dalle a décidé de sortir une réédition de son premier album (éponyme) le 30 Octobre. Si l’on pourra compter sur une sortie numérique, il y a une version vinyle très limitée à 4000 copies (2000 pieces in opaque sunburst, 1,550 pieces in clear with green/purple/black smoke, and 500 pieces exclusive to the record store Zia in summer sky wave). Les disques étant pré-commandables ici. Dalle expliquant :

“This record is kind of the equivalent of someone reading my teenage diary, except worse. Figuring out who I was as a songwriter, but with everyone watching and listening! All of my contemporary (at the time) influences for everyone to hear. The write up in the Village Voice changed my life and I am forever grateful for it. If I hadn’t read such a scathing, hilarious and on point review (even though it stung really bad) I wouldn’t be the lyric writer I am today. Kim [Chi’s] BADASS bass playing is still a highlight for me, and thanks to [drummer] Matt Young as well for his enthusiasm and cool fast AF skin beats. The feedback at the end of ‘Blackest Years’ I did by total accident…. I love this record so much, warts and all.”

Source : Consequence Of Sound