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Previously on VisualMusic Once upon a time, a band called Killer Be Killed with Greg Pusciato de The Dillinger Escape Plan, Max Cavalera de Soulfly, Troy Sanders et Ben Koller de Converge. The Band a décidé de sortir his album the 20 Novembeur. But today, ils sortent leur second single called “Dream Gone Bad” and they are gonna sortir un new clip incessamment sous peu. Be ready.

Reluctant Hero Tracklist:
01. Deconstructing Self-Destruction
02. Dream Gone Bad
03. Left Of Center
04. Inner Calm From Outer Storms
05. Filthy Vagabond
06. From A Crowded Wound
07. The Great Purge
08. Comfort From Nothing
09. Animus
10. Dead Limbs
11. Reluctant Hero

Source : ThePRP