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Mike Patton et sa joyeux troupe de folies capillaires de Mr Bungle ont sorti un live enregistré l’année dernière en pleine pandémie “The Night They Came Home (Live)”. Et pour la peine, le groupe a partagé une vidéo de “Eracist” de ce live filmé ET BORDEL, QUE C’EST BON !

“‘Eracist‘ is a unique song in the ‘Raging Wrath‘ book. There was no initial demo, only a ‘moshy’ riff that [MikePatton had come up with in the ’80s, that somehow Trey [Spruance] remembered. Once that was unearthed Patton completed the tune with a double-time bridge and some lyrics about erasure and denial.

It seems to me that it somehow feels contemporary while fitting in with our teenage songwriting style. I guess that’s because it was written over a span of 35 years! You may notice that it’s one of the only songs on the ‘demo’ that actually has a vocal melody. Back in the ’80s we were mostly thinking about drums and guitar, which of course, is really all that metal is about.” — Trevor Dunn

Source : ThePRP