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C’est une nouvelle qui ne devrait pas faire beaucoup de vagues mais qui a affecté mon moi de 16 ans, puisque le groupe de pop-punk The Thermals a annoncé la fin du groupe.

We are officially disbanding [ndlr: ce qui ne veut pas dire “débander”]. After 15 years and 7 records, we feel our band has reached far beyond our initial expectations and goals, and are stepping away from it while we still cherish it. We traveled further, soared higher and played louder than we ever dreamed, and we now look forward to a new chapter in our lives, our art, and our friendship. We would like to thank all the great labels who have released our records, all the amazing people who have worked so hard for us, and most importantly our fans, who we consider to be some of the smartest, sweetest and most compassionate people in the world. We love you, and we hope to see you again some day.

We will keep our website and shop up though, so you can still order records and shirts from us.

Thanks for everything!
Hutch, Kathy and Westin
The Thermals

15 ans pour 7 albums foutraques, pas toujours hyper qualitatifs mais souvent défoulants, dont mon petit préféré “Fuckin A” et ses turbo-tubes de l’acabit de “How We Know”. RIP et merci pour tout.