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Troisième single dévoilé, “No Hard Feelings”, par Wolf Alice dans le cadre de sa sortie du disque “Blue Weekend” prévu le 11 Juin. Bon bah clairement, l’album porte bien son nom car pour l’instant, la tendance est bien à la déprime sur les titres, le temps nous dira ce qu’il en est de la tonalité de cet album.

“I started out trying to make a really cheesy almost Motown-y, Ronettes kind of song about the end of a relationship, and feeling ‘What’s the point of being miserable about it?’ But it was short, because originally it was played so fast. I tried to make it longer, but I didn’t have any more words – I had said everything I wanted to say perfectly, and didn’t want to ruin it with more. So instead we slowed it down, and I felt way more moved by it like that.”

1. The Beach 
2. Delicious Things
3. Lipstick On The Glass
4. Smile
5. Safe From Heartbreak (if you never fall in love)
6. How Can Make It OK?
7. Play The Greatest Hits
8. Feeling Myself
9. The Last Man on Earth 
10. No Hard Feelings
11. The Beach II

Source : Facebook